Sony Audio Days 2021: Massive Price Drops On Various Audio Products

 Sony India is observing Sony Audio Days 2021 from September first to September 5. During this period, the organization is offering monstrous limits on a wide scope of sound items like earphones, Bluetooth speakers, party speakers, and home sound frameworks.

 Your opportunity to possess the best SUV  you would now be able to get the Sony WF-H800 TWS headphones for just Rs. 6,990 on Flipkart, which as a rule costs Rs. 18,990. In case you were in course of purchasing Sony sound items, this could be the ideal opportunity to do it. Here are on the whole the top offers accessible during Sony Audio Days 2021.


Sony retail locations (Sony Center and Sony Exclusive), shopatSC entry, major electronic stores other online business entryways like Flipkart and Amazon. Offers On Sony Headphones And TWS You would now be able to get the Sony WH-1000XM4, one of the most incredible clamor retraction earphones for Rs. 24,990 with a huge Rs. 5,000 markdown.

 Likewise, the Sony WH-1000XM3 has additionally gotten a value cut of Rs. 12,000 and will be accessible for Rs. 17,990 during the Sony Audio Days 2021 deal on Amazon. Reasonable commotion retractions earphones from Sony like the WH-XB900N and the WH-CH710N will be accessible for Rs. 14,990 and Rs. 7,990 individually. In case you are searching for premium genuinely remote earbuds, Sony has offers for them as well, as the WF-1000XM3 and the WF-SP800N will be accessible for Rs. 12,990 with over Rs. 5,000 markdown on every item. The most intriguing proposal during the Sony Audio Days 2021 deal is on the Sony WF-H800 TWS, which will be accessible for Rs. 6,990 with an incredible Rs. 12,000 markdown. 

Offers On Sony Neckbands Sony additionally has a ton of intriguing proposals on accessory style remote headphones. The Sony WI-SP510 will be accessible for Rs. 3,990 with a level markdown of Rs. 3,000 while the WI-C200 will be accessible for just Rs. 1,699, making it one of the most reasonable remote earphones from Sony. Items like the WH-CH510 and the WI-XB400 will likewise be accessible for Rs. 2,990 with a level markdown of Rs. 2,000. 

Offers On Sony Party Speakers Sony has a few proposals on Bluetooth speakers and party speakers. Ex: the SRS-XP700 and the SRS-XP500 are currently accessible for Rs. 32,990 and Rs. 26,990, individually. While the models like the Sony SRS-XG500's cost has additionally descended from Rs. 39,000 to Rs. 32,900. Bluetooth speakers like the Sony SRS-XB43 and the SRS-XB33 are currently accessible for Rs. 16,990 and Rs. 12,490, individually. Finally, the Sony SRS-XB23 and the SRS-XB13 will be accessible for Rs. 8,990 and Rs. 3,990, individually. PauseUnmute Loaded: 2.65% Fullscreen.


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