Vivo X60 Pro 5G – the camera king gets a ZEISS boost (review)

 The Vivo X60 Pro has increased the cameraphone game with the expansion of ZEISS Vario-Tessar focal points, Gimbal adjustment 2.0 and an adorable pivoting Biotar bokeh impact. It is additionally one of the most outstanding looking cell phones we have seen. 

To give

you a thought of how great its camera is, DXOMark gives the X60 Pro+ (has a periscope zoom notwithstanding the X60 Pro focal points) 128 – a score held for Apple iPhone 12 Pro/Max and only three focuses off the staggering OPPO Find X3 Pro camera. However this costs a simple $1099 against the best at >$1500. 

We will go to the camera later, however you need to realize that there are no self-evident or secret disadvantages to saving $500 by buying this noteworthy gadget. The features are Qualcomm SD870, Gimbal camera and a 120Hz, HDR10+, Gorilla Glass 6, AMOLED screen that is a sheer take pleasure in its practically 19.8:9 tall and meager organization. 

Vivo X60 Pro 5G Model V2046 

AU Website here 

Price $1099 for 12 PM dark 

From JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Good Guys and Big W 

Warranty Two years ACL 

Nation of Manufacture China 

Company vivo is important for what is ostensibly the world's biggest cell phone organization – BBK. Alongside its kin (with a considerable amount of competition), including OPPO, realme, OnePlus, iQOO – they make a greater number of telephones than Samsung and Apple. 

About You can peruse more GadgetGuy vivo news and audits 

Initial feeling – smooth and awe-inspiring 

Front and back bended glass impeccably mated to a combination outline – it is one of the lightest and slimmest telephones of the year. It feels fabulous close by with serenely bended edges and an oddly engaging delicateness to the iridescent glass back finish. Yet, the back is tricky, so utilize the TPU case gave. 

I love the Midnight Black that goes from a profound dark to a gunmetal dim, contingent upon light and point. 

Screen – wonderful 

It is 6.56", 2376×1080, 398ppi AMOLED with 16.7m, 8-bit tones. Like most telephones in this value section, it has a 60 or 120Hz revive choice. Or on the other hand set it to versatile, which implies close to 100% of the time, it is 60Hz 

Being AMOLED, it has unadulterated blacks – Infinite differentiation – and is HDR10+. It looks great with Netflix HDR content. 

Brilliance is acceptable – 470nits ordinary, 800nits on max auto (to permit it to play HDR10+) 

The tone is sRGB precise – we tried to 96%. You can amp tones up with Professional (around 80% DCI-P3) and Bright modes and change the shading temperature. 

DXOMark positioned a similar X60 Pro+ screen simply behind the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G or more the iPhone 12 Pro. 

It additionally promoted a LTM show. We can't actually discover what that implies, however we presume it is to do with auto light change for better sunlight coherence. 

Outline: Great tone, love the 19.8:9 tall, thin proportion 

Processor – force to be reckoned with 

The Qualcomm SD870 is over the 2020 SD865/+ and under 2021 SD888 as far as execution. It is a 7nm chip (versus 5nm) and utilizes the outside X55 5G modem (versus coordinated X60). It is a decent decision and permits vivo to shave a ton of cost off a SD888 gadget. However, the drawback is it is around a similar presentation as the SD865+, and the 7nm means lower battery life. 

Geekbench single/multi-score is 1037/3446, which puts it about 10% quicker than the 2021 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (998/3061) with its Exynos 2100 chip. 

Central processor Throttling 

It begins at 231,323 GIPs and 218,368 GIPs on normal with a 12% misfortune more than 15 minutes. By and large, it is excellent, possibly starting to choke following 10 minutes when the CPU temperature comes to 70°. It isn't intended for constant burdens – more easygoing gaming, so this outcome we anticipated. 


Adreno 650 (versus 660) and fifth gen AI (versus sixth gen). It will play most, if not all, versatile games at full casing rates. The Ultra game mode zeros in the gadget on execution, and it is quite compelling. 

Open CL score is 3863 (over the SD865+ at 3512) versus the OPPO Find X3 Pro (SD888) at 4537 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra at 7584 (it has an Exynos 2100 with a Mali-G78 MP14 GPU that astounded us all with its realistic force). 

Vulkan score is 4534. The OPPO Find X3 Pro is 4455 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is 6304 – likewise. 

The examinations show that for basically $500 less, the X60 Pro is a beautiful awesome entertainer. 

Slam – with new trade space highlight 

It has 12GB LPDDR4, however you can 'expand' the slam by 3GB utilizing the capacity as 'trade' space. It is indistinguishable to how a Windows 10 gadget manages it runs low on memory. We didn't see the distinction – RAM is unfathomably quicker than UFS 3.1 capacity. 

Capacity – quick however no development and slow USB 

It has 256GB (215GB free) UFS 3.1. There is no miniature SD opening. 

It has a USB-C interface with OTG and USB 2.0 help, so it is restricted to 480Mbps half-duplex. It is a disgrace that it doesn't uphold essentially USB-C 3.0 for 5Gbps information move, 

Androbench test 

Interior: 1750/792MBps consecutive read/compose – up there with section level SSD speeds. 

The USB-C port is still once again at V2.0 or 480Mbps (60MBps). It is half-duplex, which means you will maximize video film moves to outside capacity at about 30MBps. 

We tried with the ORICO GV1000 NVMe outside SSD. It accomplishes a pitiful 37.88/37.41MBps. Contrasted with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (USB 3.0 5Gbps) that 295.41/262.91MBps. This is the gadgets Achilles heel. 

Comms – all that you need 

The specs say Wi-Fi 5 AC, however it utilizes a Qualcomm 6390 Wi-Fi 6 AX chipset, and the aftereffects of - 33dBM and 1200Mbps show that is the situation. 

GPS – double and extremely precise to <1m extraordinary for turn-by-turn route 

NFC – Google Pay (PayWave) 

Combo Accelerometer/Gyroscope, e-Compass, Gravity, Proximity, Ambient light 


Double sim (both dynamic yet just utilize each in turn) and VoLTE (voice over 4G) relies upon the transporter. Peruse more here. 

4G groups incorporate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 28, 32, 38, 39, 40, 41 – a world telephone 

5G groups n1, n3, n5, n7, n8, n20, n28, n38, n40, n41, n77, n78 (no mmWave SA support) 

It is convenient to make reference to that Australian Telcos are repurposing low groups (3G and some 4G) to 5G, and to get these; you will require basically n5, n28, n40 and n78. While the vivo X60 Pro has these groups, I can't confirm that anything over n78 is at present empowered. 

4G Tests (dBm – lower is better) and femtowatt (fW higher is better) 

- 101dBm, 125fW 

- 117, 100fW 

- 126, 79fW 

Download/Upload 29/15Mbps and 45ms ping 

These are better than expected sign qualities, which means it is appropriate for city rural areas and provincial urban communities. It isn't too distant Blue Tick country use guidelines. 

Battery – a mishmash 

It has a 4200mAh battery – a smidgen on the more modest side when numerous in this value section have 5000mA. In any case, to redress, it accompanies a Vivo Flash Charge 2.0 charger. OPPO, realme, and vivo utilize this innovation under various names. It implies in the event that you utilize the uncommon charger and link, you naturally get half quicker charge speeds. The charger yields 5V/2A/10W and 9V/2A/18W, yet in Flash Charge mode puts out 2 x 11V/1.5A or 33W. An incredible advancement that guarantees no battery stress during charging. 

Tests (at 60Hz invigorate except if demonstrated) 

Video circle, half screen/volume, quite mode, on-gadget – 20+hours 

Video circle, half screen/volume, Wi-Fi, YouTube – 15 hours 

PCMark Battery Test: 9:33 hours 

GFX Bench T-Rex battery: 214.6m (3.58 hours) 6734 edges 

GFX Bench Manhattan 120Hz 118.5m (1.98 hours), 5265 edges 

PC Mark 3.0 Battery (ordinary use) 15:20hrs 

100% burden everything on: 3.6 hours 

33W blaze charge 60% 30 min and 100% 60 minutes 

These tests have blended outcomes. The 120Hz screen revive wrecks the battery life by almost half. That reflects undeniably more work in the GPU to revive the screen. However a FHD film can get more than 20 hours. 

Our call is that this will require accusing day by day however of Flash Charge 2.0, what difference does it make? 

Sound – single mono speaker 

It utilizes a solitary Texas Instruments TAS2562 mono D-Class amp yielding a limit of 6W. It switches between the earpiece for telephone use and the base terminating speaker for media. The greatest volume is 74dB – normal. 

We are a little baffled that it isn't sound system. We don't gauge mono sound mark since it is constantly mid-to-high-mid (2-10kHz) for unmistakable voice and not extraordinary for music. 

The USB-C earbuds give a superior outcome – clear, noisy and great sound system L/R detachment. Additionally, BT 5.1 gives a phenomenal sign and volume. It should uphold SBC, AAC, well-suited X/HD and LDAC codecs however just 'Use framework default' was appearing. 

Construct – fantastic 

It is 158.58mm×73.24mm×7.59mm x 177g – one of the lightest with a 6.56" screen that we have seen. It sits delightfully in your grasp, graciousness of the 19.8:9 tall thin configuration. 

The front is edge bended Schott Xensation Up (synthetically reinforced lithium aluminosilicate (LAS) cover glass with remarkable toughness with execution in drop tests far exceeding that of regular aluminosilicate glass.) The back is Gorilla Glass 6 AG-glass (Anti-Glare glass) that utilizes a substance carving to change the intelligent glass surface to diffused. In any case, the issue is that it is within the glass, leaving the outside exceptionally tricky. Utilize a TPU case, please. Lastly a composite edge. 

The under-show unique finger impression peruser that had 100% achievement. All it is missing is an IP rating. 


X60 Pro 

XE710 buds (3.5mm jack) + USB-C DAC connector 

Type-C to USB Cable 

USB Power Adapter 

Android 11 – with three years of updates 

It has FunTouch OS 11.1 overlaid on Android 11 and, fundamentally, three years of significant Android OS and security updates to all X-Series gadgets. Funtouch is a sensibly fair complexion, and there is no expectation to learn and adapt from unadulterated Android. Security fix is 1/5/21. 

Funtouch supplies vivo choices to Google applications, however it has bloatware like Netflix, and Facebook that you can uninstall. 

In China, OriginOS replaces FunTouch – don't accepting thig


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